Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions page replaces all prior terms and conditions, and those issued previously are null and void. Portland Container Repair Corp. terms and conditions may be changed from time to time, Portland Container Repair Corp. does not warrant or provide guarantee of notification of change. 

Privileged and Confidential Information
All information received from Portland Container Repair Corp. regarding, concerning, or related to rates, equipment, operational methods, and customers is to be considered privileged and confidential. All privileged and confidential information shall remain as such for a period of (3) years.

External Agreements
Portland Container Repair Corp. does not recognize terms and conditions of other companies or entities without a written and fully executed agreement by an authorized representative of Portland Container Repair Corp.

All communications must be sent to the correct email address to ensure timely service. Charges, fees, and costs incurred as a result of use of the wrong email address will not be the responsibility of Portland Container Repair Corp. Portland Container is not responsible for additional fees or fines for orders not confirmed. A container number(s) or booking number(s) must be included on all correspondence.

Phone Number

  • (503) 286-5961

Container Yard - Email Address

Trucking - Email Address

Rate(s) are only valid for the parties named on the rate quote. The current fuel surcharge (FSC) and chassis fees apply to all rates and are subject to change without notice. All heavy fees and drop and pick fees are subject to FSC charges. If drop and pick is classified as a heavy container, and at the discretion of Portland Container Repair Corp. an additional charge equal to three times the heavy fee maybe assessed, per calendar day of chassis use. A bobtail fee is half the drop fee. All charges associated with truck delays due to noncompliance of Verified Gross Mass (VGM) reporting will be billed or assessed to the customer.

Port Congestion Fees
Port Congestion fees are posted on Portland Container Repair Corp.’s website. These fees are subject to change without notice. Portland Container Repair Corp. does not warrant or provide guarantee of notification of change.

Fuel Surcharge Charge
Subject to change without notice. Portland Container Repair Corp. does not warrant or provide guarantee of notification of change. Curent FSC is 23%. (Effective 1/1/2019)

Application of Charges
The term “Customer” refers to the person or entity contracting to engage Portland Container Repair Corp.'s services with respect to a shipment, as well as any other person or entity having an interest in the cargo, including but not limited to a shipper, consignee, consignor, beneficial owner, ocean carrier, broker, third-party logistics provider (3PL), or intermodal marketing company. 

Payment Terms
Portland Container Repair Corp. may elect at their sole discretion to extend credit to Customer. All invoices are due and payable within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date. An additional fee equal to one-third of total amount due will be added to any invoices that must be turned over to a collection agency, attorney, or other outside party for recovery. Customer may not “short pay” freight charges or deduct charges from freight bills, unless authorized to do so in writing prior to the deduction. Customer waives its rights to any contested cargo claim that is improperly set-off against freight charges. Subject to terms and conditions found on credit applications.

Freight forwarders, intermodal marketing companies, property brokers, third-party logistics companies, and other intermediaries are considered to be agents of the beneficial owner of cargo transported. Portland Container Repair Corp. will bill such intermediaries as a convenience to the shipper, and retain recourse to the shipper and/or consignee for nonpayment of fees. 

Shipment Documents
All shipments tendered on shipping orders, memorandums, delivery orders or receipts, Broker notice of arrival, electronic date interchange or any other written or electronic medium, whether received in original form or by digital communication shall be considered as a Bill of Lading; subject to the rules and regulations of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading as published in the National Motor Freight Classification ICC NMFC 100 Series. 

Overweight Liability
Portland Container will not knowingly violate weight restrictions under federal, state or municipal laws. Customer must provide advance notification of overweight shipments. Portland Container Corp will take whatever actions are necessary to bring equipment into compliance. Customer must reimburse Portland Container for any and all expenses required to bring equipment into compliance, and must pay any fines or expenses resulting from overweight conditions.

Substituted Service
For their operating convenience, Portland Container Repair Corp. reserves the right to hire other qualified carriers as subcontractors to provide all or part of a given movement. Portland Container Repair Corp. agrees to protect the rates set forth when substituted services are provided, and warrants that all terms, conditions, duties and obligations owed to the shipper by bill of lading, and/or contract will be provided.

Storage Liability
Certain shipments may be temporarily stored on Portland Container Repair Corp.’s premises, either for the convenience of customer or for that of Portland Container Repair Corp. After twenty-four (24) hours, Portland Container Repair Corp.’s legal liability for such shipments will be that of a warehouseman, and will comply with the standard of care applicable to warehouseman in the state where such service is provided. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays do not extend this twenty-four (24) hour period. Portland Container Repair Corp.’s legal liability is also that of a warehouseman in the event the customer refuses delivery of tendered cargo, instructs Portland Container Repair Corp. to stop movement of cargo and hold it for later delivery, or otherwise prevents proper disposition of the cargo. Portland Container Repair Corp.’s liability generally will not exceed $100,000 per occurrence, although Customer may request an increase in legal liability by submitting a written request for a higher released value and paying an additional charge.

Transportation Delays
Portland Container Repair Corp will provide transportation with reasonable dispatch, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet all reasonable pickup and delivery appointments. However, Portland Container Repair Corp. does not guarantee adherence to any particular transit or appointment schedule, and is not liable for delay, interruption, or other failure to transport any shipment by any particular appointment time. Portland Container Repair Corp is not liable for alternative transportation costs, or other direct expenses or consequential, special, indirect, or exemplary damages arising out of any delay to shipments, unless Customer has provided a prior written description of the nature and type of such potential delay-rated damages, and Portland Container Repair Corp has agreed in writing to accept responsibility for such damages. Customer notations on a Bill of lading signed by a driver do not constitute adequate notification and/or acceptance of special damages.

Hazardous Materials
Portland Container Repair Corp. does not transport cargo classified as Hazardous.

The shipper or consignee is responsible for load count and legal loading or unloading, including proper blocking and bracing. Driver will verify that the seal is intact and if not, will so annotate on shippers Bill of Lading or Trailer Interchange.

Per Diem
Per Diem charges are Consignees responsibility if Portland Container Repair Corp is not notified 16 working hours before detention starts. Consignee must notify empty by e-mail or fax. All Per Diem bills will be assessed a $25 administration and processing fee.

Detention Billed to Portland Container Repair Corp.
Portland Container Repair Corp. will pass through to customer the equipment owner’s actual or anticipated Detention Charges, less any portion for which Portland Container Repair Corp. is solely liable. An additional $25 administrative charge will be added to the charge per load. Customer will be invoiced immediately upon return of the equipment to its rightful owner.

Detention Billed Directly to Third-Parties
Detention Charges are often billed directly to the Customer or third party instead of Portland Container Repair Corp. This includes, but is not limited to, store-door Detention Charges for international moves, and  domestic moves. Customer may then invoice Portland Container Repair Corp. for the portion of the Detention Charges for which it is liable. Customer may not invoice Portland Container Repair Corp. for Detention Charges for any amount that is higher than Customer’s obligation to the equipment owner. Customer may not “short pay” freight charges or deduct charges from freight bills, unless authorized to do so, in writing, prior to the deduction. Portland Container Repair Corp. will not accept invoices without proper backup documentation, or invoices that are received more than 30 days after equipment termination. Portland Container Repair Corp. reserves the right to dispute the charges within 30 days of receipt of the proper documentation and invoice. If Customer response to any such dispute is not received within 30 days, it will be presumed that the dispute has been accepted and the invoice voided.