Portland Container has worked hard from the first knowledge of the Covid-19 pandemic to keep our workers protected from its impact.  Our facility in Portland has been paperless since April 2020.  We have created systems to minimize contact with paperwork with still getting out invoices and the needed support documents to our customers as timely as possible.  The offices are equipped with UV air purifiers to help with possible airborne spread.  Doors have been wiped with disinfectant and the offices sanitized after business hours.  And yes, social distancing and masks.


With this current wave of infections, we are remaining diligent with our efforts and working hard to keep our employees safe and working.  We are constantly monitoring available information from the CDC and are implementing their guidelines.


  The implementation of process change in our container yard has begun. Portland Container continues to make changes in the way we are performing day to day operations as part of our efforts to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus for both our customers (truckers) and employees. Please review the information below for the most recent updates. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 related matters and Portland Container, please email covid19@pdxcontainer.com.

Reduction of Physical Interaction and Paperwork Exchange

  • There are new guidelines for our West Gate empty lanes. Carefully following these guidelines will ensure the required 6' foot social distancing rule. Please use the link below to download.
  • Emailing export load plans in advance of arrival to cy@pdxcontainer.com, will help speed transaction times and avoid physically handling paperwork.
  • We encourage all trucking companies to take advantage of our auto-send Interchange/EIR capability. We strongly suggest utilizing this service. Truckers will need to provide the email they prefer to have all interchanges for their SCAC code sent. Once your email is added and when your transactions are complete, an email will be automatically generated and sent with your EIR attached. This will apply to all transactions. We greatly prefer to be paperless whenever possible. Email cy@pdxcontainer.com to get added now.

More Efficient

  • Please email empty bookings daily, in advance of arrival to cy@pdxcontainer.com utilizing the attached form. By doing so, we will be able to pre-load the information into our system, reducing the possibility of clerical and communication errors during transaction processing.
  • We will soon be installing intercom speakers at both the main and empty gates. Once installed and tested, Portland Container will be providing additional information on any procedural changes.


Download Pre-Clear Empty Form Here

 Download West Yard Driver Instructions Here



Starting Monday, March 30th, the Portland Container dispatch team will be working from home. Over the past several weeks, we have been focused on our customer’s needs and ensuring we can maintain the service levels you rely on. This included the installation of a new phone system on Friday, March 27th. The primary phone number for Portland Container remains (503) 286-5961. You may notice the calls you receive are coming from phone number (971) 420-0757. Dialing both phone numbers will connect you to Portland Container. Using the link below, you can download an updated call list.


Download Contact Sheet



Over the past week, Portland Container has moved fast to make changes to people, processes, and controls in an effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to employees and customers. The safety and health of our customers and our employees have been at the forefront of our thoughts and have shaped every decision. Below is a list of some of the changes we have made over the last week. As things continue to evolve, we will continue to adapt and make changes. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email covid19@pdxcontainer.com.

Starting Monday, March 30th, we will be using a new VoIP phone system to facilitate remote access. In some cases, there may be a slightly longer ring duration. Your patience is appreciated.

  • 100% of the Order Entry team has been working offsite since March 23rd.
  • To date, we moved 10% of the dispatch team off-site with an expected 90-100% by Monday.
  • All paperwork generated during the pickup and delivery of cargo will be sequestered for 24-48 hours before processing. This may cause some delays in POD transmission and billing.
  • Starting March 25th, we have instituted a “stand-off/ social distancing” customer paperwork protocol:
    • Drivers will ask for the receiver's name and title. This will be written on the POD above the Signature line
    • The driver will Write COVID-19 on the Signature line itself.
    • Customers will have the option of receiving a paper copy from the driver or to download a copy of the POD from our customer portal within three business days.

 Container Yard

  • With the exception of designated areas, visitors and drivers are not permitted to enter building structures.
  • We have implemented enhanced cleaning during business hours with all doorknobs, handles, and common surfaces being disinfected every few hours.
  • No more than two drivers are allowed in the main gate clerk office at any given time. Drivers are REQUIRED to stand on the yellow tape marks while waiting, to ensure proper distancing.
  • Drivers are not permitted in the empty gate clerk office. Paperwork is now exchanged through an exterior opening.
  • Several workstations have been relocated to allow for greater distancing between employees that must report daily to the facility.
  • Support functions like maintenance and repair have moved to split shifts.
  • Queue capacity has been added to smooth peak times.
  • Driver and visitors that exhibit signs of being sick will not be granted access.

The Portland Container team asks you to please help us by self-policing the 6-foot rule. We are here to help keep the supply chain flowing but ask that you give us the space needed to perform our duties in a safe manner. We are continuing to look for ways in reducing the necessary human to human interactions. We need your help in making this all work.

The Portland Container Team



 To reduce the number of trucks waiting on Time Oil Rd. and to improve overall gate operations, Portland Container has implemented a new queueing procedure during peak traffic times. When the primary queuing area reaches capacity on Burgard Way, a gate clerk will direct all additional trucks to a secondary queuing area. The clerk will also place a bright flashing magnetic light and a sign stating: End of the Line – Go to New Yard (Fleet Yard) on the rear of the last truck. Once the last truck has been processed, the secondary queue will be released for processing.  The processing of the primary queue will begin again once the secondary queue is fully cleared. The West Gate - Empty Return operation will not be affected by this new queueing procedure.





The last few days and weeks have seen rapid developments in the national and global conversation regarding Covid-19. As a logistics provider in the Pacific Northwest, the safety of our employees, customers, community, and the continuity of services are our highest priorities.
Over the past several weeks, Portland Container has been reviewing and implementing our business continuity plans. We have focused on two primary principles, reducing exposure and implementing systems allowing the employees that can work from home to do so. We are looking to Federal, State, and Local authorities for guidance on exposure reduction, as we are a paper-intensive industry, we are also reviewing ways to reduce the amount of paper handling required.
In the coming days, as we begin to roll out new systems and processes, you may notice subtle differences in our phone tree, emails, and other communication systems as we transition employees to remote work from home platforms.   Drivers arriving at our facility may also notice changes, we ask that they comply with all directions and posted signs, as well as take the appropriate health and safety precautions.
Attached to this email, you will find a current contact sheet for Portland Container. Please take a moment to review and ensure your files are up to date.